Working To Make Your Project Succeed
DelVal Soil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. can provide you with a full and complete understanding of the water resources, natural hazards, environmental problems and construction issues underlying your site before you start. Our geotechnical services – from subsurface soil investigations to laboratory analyses to construction inspection and testing – will ensure that your building project fully meets all engineering and regulatory requirements. 

Our geology/hydrogeology/geotechnical services include: 

1.     Stream Flow Analysis

2.     Nitrate Plume Modeling & Evaluations

3.     Karst Hazard Investigations

4.     Well Feasibility & Impact

5.     Analyses Well Design, Permitting, Testing and Remediation

6.     Water Table Studies

7.     Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting

8.     Sinkhole Evaluations 

9.     Geotechnical

a.     Soil Suitability

b.     Soil Suitability

c.     Soil Density & Compaction Testing

d.     Laboratory Analyses

e.     Sieve/Hydrometer Analyses

f.      Permeability Measurements

g.     Atterburg Limits

h.     Stormwater Infiltration Testing

10.   Expert Testimony


  • Laboratory Analysis Including Soil Density (Proctor) Testing, Sieve /Hydrometer Testing, Soil Permeability, Atterburg Limits
  • Soil Bearing Capacity
  • Earthwork Criteria
  • Foundation Depth Requirements
  • Settlement Estimates


  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Well and Well Field Feasability, Design, and Testing (Pumping Tests)
  • Well and Groundwater Permitting (PADEP, DRBC, SRBC, . County & Township)
  • Water Table Studies
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Stream Flow Studies


  • Geologic Delineation
  • KARST (Carbonate) Hazard Investigations
  • Sinkhole Evaluation and Remediation

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