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DelVal Soil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. can provide a full-range of wetland services to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal wetland regulations no matter the size of your project. In addition, we can evaluate your site for plant species and their habitats of special concern (i.e. those listed as endangered or threatened) in pursuit of clearances from state and federal agencies.

Streamflow Analysis

1.     Identification/Delineation

2.     Permitting

a.     State

                                          i.    Waiver

                                         ii.    Drawdown

                                        iii.    General

                                        iv.    Joint 105

                                         v.    Out – Of – Scope

b.     Federal

                                          i.    Nationwide

                                         ii.    Individual

3.     Mitigation

a.     Design

b.     Construction Overview

c.     Planting

d.     Follow – up Reports

4.     Biological

a.     Plant Species Investigation

b.     Macro–invertebrate Studies

c.     State and Federl Investigation

5.     Bog Turtle Screening with ACOE

6.     Stream Evaluation

7.     Anti-degradation Studies

8.     Environmental Assessments

9.     Woods Evaluation/Determination per Township Ordinance

10.   Expert Testimony

a.     Township

b.     State and Federal Court


Wetland Delineation

Plant Identification

Macro - Invertebrate Studies

Wetlands Mitigation


6 Months

4 Years

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